General Tour Information

Incoming and Outgoing Overseas Seniors Golf Tours.

The following Country Seniors Societies participate in incoming and outgoing tours on a four year cycle.


United Kingdom.


South Africa.


The Next tours are:

Australia. Outgoing 12 Couples. Postponed to October 2022

United Kingdom. Incoming Date to be finalized. Early 2023

Chile. Outgoing. 12 Couples. October 2023


Further details and invitations will be sent to the Societies in due course.




Deauville 2022

Published: 2021/09/01 by Allan Bulmer

The Deauville International Meeting for July 2022 has been cancelled due to uncertainties relating to international travel

National Tournament 2022

Published: 2021/06/23 by Allan Bulmer

The 2022 National Tournament will be hosted by the Border Society from 16th to 19th May 2022